The best online product management course for your career growth

The ideal place to get online training and certification in product management with leading industry experts

The best online product management course for your career growth

The ideal place to get online training and certification in product management with leading industry experts

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  • Learn from experienced professionals across the globe.
  • Top technical product management course for all freshers to experienced professionals.
  • Skill-specific product management workshops.
  • Curriculum designed to drive optimal product manager career.
  • Collaborative learning experience with industry leaders.
  • Proactive career guidance from industry experts.
  • Flexible session timings for online training.
  • Build and execute impactful product roadmaps and strategies.
  • Professional courses to enhance enterprise value addition.

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Learning at Techhall was an enriching experience! It has helped me reach my true potential in the field.

Sravan Kumar Yamajala


Thanks to Techhall for helping me land into my dream job. It was a great experience learning with experts.

Praneeth Konda


I have been working in an entirely different field but was dissatisfied with the progress was making. Thanks to Techhall for offering me the best learning platform, as now I'm placed in one of the top companies as a product manager.

An Le Ngoc Pham


I've never thought that product management was a career path for me. However, after completing this enriching product management course, I'm never out of professional opportunities.

Prudvi Raju


After graduating with a major, I didn't know which career path was the best for me. I enrolled at Techhall without any prior experience in product management and my outlook changed. Now I'm working as a professional product manager in a leading industry.

Satish Sharma


As a woman entrepreneur, I always wanted to launch my own product. Thanks to Techhall for offering my insightful learning experiences to strategize my product's lifespan to its optimum potential.

Vidya Joshi


I always took a keen interest in product launches and management operations.However, I was apprehensive at first if it was the right career path. Techhall's online product management courses allowed me to gain insights into my field of interest.

Devansh Gupta


Learning from the best instructors and industry experts was on the charts. And Techhall's online recorded classes allowed Me to interact and learn at my own pace.

Rahul Kumar


I always wanted to get into the field of product management, however, I had to follow adifferent path. When I came across Techhall, I received thorough training as per globalindustry standards. Now I'm working with a top Service management company as a product manager.

Zeshan Muhamad


Learning at Tecchall was one of the most exciting experiences. I came across all aspects of product management and it helped me streamline my product-based startup.

Eric Edwardo


I wanted to pursue product management as a career but I lacked the expertise. Learning from the best product managers and instructors is the boost I needed to kick start a career in product management.

Ajit Singh


I didn't know that the product I developed would be a success in the market. But enrolling in a product management course at Techhall was a life-changing experience.Upon course completion, I was well versed in how to manage my innovations.

Rajesh Kallam


I always felt that the profession I chose initially, wasn't really the one for me. Thank you Techhall for offering me opportunities as a product manager and now I am advancing rapidly on a growth-centric profile.

Abhinav Sharma


I have been pursuing a different academic field but I wanted to dive into the product management spectrum. Techhall provided me with online training and certification to pursue my passion alongside.

Gabriel Tran

We can build a strong product manager profile for:

Aspirants who wish to work as product managers in leading companies, with no prior experience required.

Working professionals who want to switch to a new product management career.

Entrepreneurs who want to develop and launch their innovative products and services.

Product enthusiasts who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of product management.

Product Management
Course Details

  • Online live instructor-led 15 weeks course.
  • Every week 3 to 5 classes (depending on the cohort and curriculum).
  • Coursework (case studies, assignments) focusing on practical product development and product management.
  • Live interactions with industry experts in product management.
  • Access to session recordings and course materials.
  • In-class presentations, peer learning, discussions, and live participation in building products.
  • Life-time free access to real-time templates, and framework documents that are used by industry professionals in product management.
  • 100% placement support.

Product Management Course Details

Product Management Course Curriculum

15 weeks of intensive learning in product management and growth. Learn the art of building and growing products that your users will love.

Introduction to product management

Module 1

1. What is a Product?
2. What is Product Management?
3. Different types of Product Managers?
4. Functions of a PM?
5. Myths about Product Management?
6. Difference between a Product Manager and a Project Manager and a program manager?
7. Product Manager role

8. What is a Product Team?
9. Product Life-Cycle
10. Product Development Process
11. What is product thinking and why is it important?
12. What is Product Sense and how to develop it?
13. Understanding business models
14. Understanding product pricing

Technology for product managers

Module 2

1. Basics of computer
2. How the internet works
3. What are internet technologies
4. How an application work
5. Different types of internet applications
6. Tech stack
7. Different types of software architectures

8. Knowing system design
9. Networking
10. Storage
11. Cloud computing
12. Continuous integration and continuous delivery or deployment
13. Information security
14. Artificial intelligence

Product discovery

Module 3

1. Understanding the current products?
2. Competitive landscape and different types of competitors
3. How to conduct Market research?
4. What is the difference between Market research and Marketing research
5. Understanding customers and creating user personas

6. Problem space vs solution space
7. Customer needs
8. Using the 5 why framework to get to the root cause
9. What is the difference between the target market and the target customer?
10. Customer interviews
11. Building assumptions

12. Deriving hypothesis
13. Forecasting for product managers
   a. Total Addressable Market
   b. Attainable Market Share
14. Product Management Hierarchy of needs

Product planning and requirements gathering

Module 4

1. How to create a compelling Product Vision
2. What is the purpose of a Business Requirement Document and how to create one?
3. Why and where do we use business cases and statements of work?
4. How to derive and write effective Product requirements documentation

5. What are OKRs, and KPIs? Understanding OKRs with SMART criteria
6. What are roadmaps?
7. How to effectively prioritize
8. How to conduct an A/B test

Product Designing

Module 5

1. Deriving solutions - Design sprint
2. What are prototypes
3. What is an MVP
4. Design A/B testing

5. UX for Product Managers
6. UI for Product Managers
7. Understanding sketches, wireframes, designs, and prototypes and getting familiar with tools
8. Design feedback

Product Development

Module 6

1. Development methodologies
   a. Waterfall methodology
   b. Agile methodologies
2. Introduction to scrum
3. What is kanban, and how to apply them as a product manager

4. Product Development Hierarch
5. Managing backlogs and stakeholders' expectations
6. Setting up metrics
   a. Testing the working of the metrics

Product Launch

Module 7

1. Product Launch Plan
2. Product Marketing
3. Planning A/B experiments and understanding what a control bucket and Treatment bucket is.
4. Product post-launch work

5. Product Metrics
   a. How to identify the right metrics to track
6. Product Analytics
   a. How to set up google analytics
   b. Introduction to analytic tools

Product Growth and user acquisition

Module 8

1. Organic - Blogs, SEO, content-based acquisition
2. Paid - Google, Social Media
3. Continuous discovery
4. Growth hacks
5. Identifying growth levers

6. Growth loops
7. Different types of growth loops
   a. Viral loops
   b. Content loops
   c. Paid loops

Getting into a Product Management Job

Module 9

1. Build your CV, and how to Network
2. Multi-domain knowledge

3. Get Hired
4. First 90 days into your job

Product Management Upcoming Batches

15 weeks of intensive learning in product management and growth. Learn the art of building and growing products that your users will love.

Starting date Duration Schedule Time Zone Class Type  

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Frequently asked questions

What is the schedule and duration of the Program?

Techhall offers two scheduling options.
1. Weekend schedule Upcoming Batches

  • a. Saturday – 4 hours (Inclusive of 2 or 3 15-minute breaks)
  • b. Sunday – 4 hours – (Inclusive of 2 or 3 15-minute breaks)

2. Weekday intense schedule Upcoming Batches

  •  a. 4 classes a week (1.5 -2 hours each class)
Who are Techhall instructors?

Techhall instructors are real-world product leaders/managers with at least 10 years of experience in building digital products. They are well-versed with parameters that can get you hired as a product manager or launch your own products and services.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a Program completion certificate after successfully completing all the mandatory requirements of the Program. These requirements may differ from instructor to instructor.

What are the classes like?

All the Techhall batches are Live Instructor-led Online Programs.
Classes are engaging, conversational, and experimental and students will be collaborating with their peers in several case studies, projects and discussions from day 1. Students will be asked to come up with their own product Ideas and would be working in groups with other peer products as well.

How much does Techhall charge me for the Product Management Program?

A career as a Product Manager puts you in one of the fastest-growing professional positions in the world, with an average salary of USD $75,000  to USD $137,000  a year, according to

Upcoming Batches
What is the refund policy?

The student has the right to cancel enrollment agreements, without any penalty or obligation with respect to the tuition fee, prior to the beginning of the class or 72 hours (3 business days) from the payment made whichever comes later.

Will I get to talk to instructors?

The Program is Live Instructor-led Online, you will get to talk to your instructor directly after and before every session. Techhall also conducts Q&A sessions and free workshops on several relevant topics which benefit our student community, helping you connect with our Alumni community and interact with Industry professionals as well.

Does my professional background matter?

Regardless of the professional background, we have the program to fit your experience and goals. The Product Management course is for people from diverse professional backgrounds and with little or no experience.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to complete before attending the course.
Just be ready with a device and a stable internet connection.

Will Techhall provide Job assistance?

The following modules span over 3 weeks, and are primarily focused on preparing you to get a job and perform well in your interviews.
1. A Career in Product Management
2. Build your CV, and how to Network
3. Multi-domain knowledge
4. Mock interviews, and getting Hired
5. First 90 days into your job
You will also become a part of our slack group where we keep on sharing Product Management Opportunities.

This support will continue after the program as well.

I work full-time, will this fit my schedule?

Yes, Techhall provides flexible schedule programs. You can choose a part-time weekend program.
Weekend schedule Upcoming Batches
Saturday – 4 hours – Including 2 to 3 15-minute breaks
Sunday – 4 hours – Including 2 to 3 15-minute breaks

Will I get the recordings of live classes?

All the classes are recorded and will be uploaded as soon as the class is completed. All students will be able to access the recordings from their Account → My Courses section.

I have a startup, how can this Program help me?

Techhall Product Management Course can help you to build your product roadmaps, identify potential opportunities, streamline your product growth, and many more. Entrepreneurs who took this course are able to launch their products, build their customer base, and expand their business strategically. Our Alumni entrepreneurs have launched 10+ products in different industries.

I’m a fresher, is this the right Program for me?

The product management course at Techhall does not demand any prior experience in the field. As a fresher or student, you can enroll to know how to be a product manager as per global industry standards. Through a structured learning curriculum and expert mentorship, you can build a strong product management profile.

I’m not feeling confident, what should I do?

We are here to help you. Talk to a live agent or email us at [email protected] to schedule a free counselling session with our instructors.

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